Desmodur® Blulogiq Technology for 2K Polyurethane Coatings

Where speed meets appearance.

BLULOGIQ®-Technology enables to boost process efficiency without compromising appearance

The industry for automotive plastic hang-on parts has of today a major difficulty: It is trapped in the so called “Speed-Appearance-Dilemma”. The BLULOGIQ®-Technology resolves this dilemma and through a highly efficient process a state-of-the-art appearance results.
For OEM metal applications, BLULOGIQ® is the enabler to reduce curing temperature < 100°C and to allow painting and curing of metal and plastic/composite parts in one single step.


Process efficiency and excellent appearance are two highly desired characteristics for automotive OEM coatings. By using 2K PU coatings based on BLULOGIQ®-Technology from Covestro, OEMs and TIERs can attain this and more.

Application of plastic hang-on parts:
The industry for automotive plastic hang-on parts (like bumpers, mirror housings, …) has of today a major difficulty: It is trapped in the so called “Speed-Appearance-Dilemma” (see picture).

    What does this mean? With the technologies available today you need to decide between
  • a premium appearance which can usually only be achieved in a rather slow process
  • an accelerated process, which often compromises appearance

Covestro picked up on this market challenge and developed a solution which combines both requirements in an ideal way. BLULOGIQ® resolves the Speed-Appearance-Dilemma (illustrated in picture) and enables the industry to convert to a fast AND efficient process without compromising the likewise ultimate goal of top appearance (illustrated in picture).

The capability of a near drop-in solution for existing formulations (just replace catalyst and hardener) allows paint manufacturers to easily adopt BLULOGIQ®-Technology and enhance their PU coatings.

OEM-metal application:
As another benefit, PU coatings using BLULOGIQ®-Technology work at curing temperatures <100°c and by this provide energy savings, also offering the use of alternative energy sources and finally to allow OEMs to coat plastics, composites and metals together on the same line.

Compared with the best processes available today, the technology can reduce energy consumption by 15 % and CO2 emissions by 10 %.

Start the interactive video and learn about the technology

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BLULOGIQ® Technology boosts automotive coating process efficiency

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