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Coatings with reduced VOC emissions and increased productivity

Reducing solvent emissions is an ongoing objective in the development of environmentally friendly coating systems. The low-viscosity properties of polyaspartic binders - some down to below 100 mPas - make it possible to formulate ultra-high-solids to nonsolvent coatings. Utilizing Desmodur® co-reactants from Covestro enhances the performance level of these coatings.

Polyaspartics represent a class of binders that combine low-to-zero volatile organic compound (VOC) properties with high productivity, while maintaining the quality requirements users expect from polyurethane coatings. These include flexibility, and physical and chemical resistance.

The chemistry of polyaspartic coatings is based on the reaction of an aliphatic polyisocyanate with a polyaspartic ester to create an aliphatic polyurea. However, coatings based on polyaspartics differ greatly in application and performance properties from conventional polyureas.

The properties of polyaspartics can be influenced by the polyisocyanate curing agent used. The potlife and reactivity of the formulation can be fine-tuned by selecting the appropriate Desmophen® NH co-reactant.

The primary performance attribute of a polyaspartic is its high reactivity, which enables high productivity at job sites. Additional benefits of polyaspartics include:

  • Reduced drying times
  • Greater film thickness
  • Low color value
  • Good weatherability

Even with their high solids content, polyaspartic coatings can still be easily applied with the standard equipment used in many applications.

Polyaspartic technology is primarily used in coatings for corrosion protection for commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, wind power stations and the construction industry. Due to its rapid curing even at ambient temperatures, this technology is also highly attractive for the automotive refinish industry.


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