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Stay one layer ahead – with Pasquick™!

Pasquick™ is Covestro's groundbreaking polyaspartic coating technology, fit for demanding applications both indoors and outdoors. It can reduce the number of required coating layers and offers excellent handling and protection properties. This means faster workflows and reduced labor costs without any compromise in quality for your coating projects.

Discover the benefits of Pasquick™ and stay a layer ahead of the competition! 

Corrosion Protection
Details of Corrosion Protection
Pasquick™ is a fast and reliable solution for the heavy-duty protection of industrial and infrastructural facilities. more »
Construction Flooring
Details of Construction Flooring
The treatment of interior and exterior floors in buildings puts a variety of demands on any coating system. Meet them with Pasquick™! more »
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Pasquick Experts

You want to know more about our coating technology and how you can benefit? Our Pasquick™ experts are glad to help!

Experts Corrosion Protection
Experts Construction