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An ideal balance

UV coatings utilizing polyurethane dispersions meet formulators’ needs

Coatings formulation is a balancing act for today’s formulators and end users. They need to address increasingly stringent environmental regulations for low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels while still meeting technical requirements. Polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) for polyurethane coatings provide a good solution.

UV-curable PUDs from Covestro are able to address additional formulating requirements.
They offer:

  • Low solvent content
  • Low odor
  • Low viscosity at high molecular weights
  • Excellent polyurethane performance
  • Superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates

Additionally, they allow for fast drying, can easily be spray-applied and can be more easily matted compared to 100 percent solid, UV-curing coatings.

The properties offered by waterborne UV PUDs make them well suited for coatings used on substrates that are not subjected to excessive heat during the coating application process, such as plastics, wood and resilient PVC flooring.

We offer UV-curing, waterborne PUDs under the Bayhydrol® UV PUD  line. Bayhydrol® UV PUDs  are based on urethane acrylate polymers dispersed in water. The crosslinked polyurethane-acrylate polymer is responsible for the excellent physical and chemical properties of the resulting UV coating.

Due to fast production speed, increased productivity and low-VOC levels, waterborne UV coatings are experiencing strong growth worldwide.

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