Polyacrylate Dispersions

Marrying quick dry time with increased pot life

Polyacrylate dispersions combine quick dry time, increased pot life

Wood coatings, automotive refinishing, automotive basecoats and plastic coatings all have something in common. They benefit from the excellent properties of hydroxyfunctional Bayhydrol® A polyacrylates or Bayhydrol® UA polyurethane/polyacrylate (PU/PA) hybrid dispersions from Covestro.

Two-component  (2K) systems are possible by combining the Bayhydrol® A/hydroxyfunctional product line with Bayhydur®  crosslinkers. In many cases, a common problem of  these 2K polyurethane coatings is the moderate reaction speed between the polyol and polyisocyanate crosslinker. This is a challenge in applications where short drying times are essential.

One theoretical possibility is to add  external catalysts to speed up crosslinking and curing, but in water-based systems this has disadvantages. These include reduced pot life and increased formation of carbon dioxide. This leaves users with less time to properly prepare and apply their 2K polyurethane coating and can negatively impact the finish.

We developed a proprietary internal activation technology that solves this problem. The technology decouples drying speed from pot life. When used with certain Bayhydrol® A grades, the technology enhances polyacrylate dispersions and enables quick drying speed and at the same time longer pot life. 

We also offer two different types of acrylic dispersions – primary (fast-drying) and secondary (high-transparency and high-gloss). Two-component waterborne systems based on both types meet the performance level of conventional solventborne systems.

Collectively, the properties of these waterborne dispersions help improve productivity for a wide range of applications.

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